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Gloria Estefan's 1998 album gloria! is one of our all time favourite albums. Fusing together pop music and dance music, this album led the way with a sound that would be used by Cher, Tina Turner, Diana Ross and others in the months and years ahead (ironically had this album been delayed by six months and released after Cher's Believe it would have no doubt had much bigger commercial success!).

The album was also released at a time when commercial club remixes were at their peak, with the major labels commissioning a huge amount of remixes to go out on promotional 12" releases (many never being pressed to a commercial release). The remixers list of the gloria! singles is a who's who of A-list DJ, production and remix outfits from the late '90s and includes some of our all time favourite remix packages.

We are delighted to have worked with Sony Music US to get the remix packages from the gloria! era onto DSPs. Delving into alternative international releases, promo CDrs and DATs from the archives, we have curated full remix packages including many DJ promo mixes or tracks that were only released on vinyl. Enjoy!

Tracks in bold - Previously DJ promo release

Tracks in italics - Previously released on 12" vinyl only

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