What we do

Our mission is simple: To help pop music lovers get the pop music they want onto the digital platforms!

We know it’s frustrating when the song you want to listen to on Spotify isn't there (other digital platforms are of course available). After all streaming is the future but that’s a problem when certain songs are absent and you threw out your old CDs. Twitter is filled with tweets to Spotify from desperate fans asking why their favourite song is not online. The reason generally isn’t the music platforms fault, it’s because the record labels haven’t put them online.


But even then, asking the record label through an impersonal info@recordlabel.com or social media account that never replies is a fruitless mission for pop fans. So we decided to change that.

From Victoria Beckham to Will Young, unreleased Dina Carroll to Louise and heck, even Lolly, we work hard to get that music on for the fans to enjoy and, well, put some more money in the pockets of the record labels. Win win! We go straight to the people at the labels, asking nicely (yet persistently) to put the stuff pop music fans want online that has escaped the eyes of their digital team.


Music is so emotive and we LOVE seeing how happy getting an old song or album online makes people and we’re hoping for many more results! Click here if you want to make a request.

And that’s also where you guys help our activism - @Pop_Activism on Twitter - with your retweets, comments and likes – showing there’s demand and finally giving your unheard voice to the labels. We can’t change the world, but we can get that allSTARS* album back online.

Here's what people have had to say about our work:

“Apparently Louise [Redknapp]'s back catalogue is only on streaming because a gay pestered her old label about it so much, they put it on to shut him up” - @rudemrlang, Twitter

"Aww, thank you" - Louise Redknapp (she'd had a few after her gig...)

"You did a storming job" - Adam Rickitt

"Happy to help, glad to see the positive reaction" - Back catalogue manager, Major record label

"Yeah, baby!" - Gloria Estefan

"Thank youuuuuuuuu !!!!!! That's brilliant ! You should be a PR person !!! X" - Karen Poole, Alisha's Attic

"You're a star!!!! Xxxx Honestly can't thank you enough! xxxx" - Lolly

"You're doing God's work" - PopJustice Forum user

"Love the Twitter page!" - Catalogue consultant, Major record label

"My hero, thank you, thank you, thank you xxx" - Jan Johnston

"Thx for this!!!" - Craig from Deuce

We also have been featured in The Guardian and BBC Radio 5.

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